ITO 33 has clients spanning the major financial centers of the world. From New York to Paris, London to Sydney, our customers have come to equate our products and services with quality and reliability, and our customer support with responsiveness and expertise. Don't take our word for it, though. Here's what some of them had to say.
"I just wanted to mention that it is a pleasure working with such a high quality organization. It is difficult (if not impossible) to receive such clear and concise answers from other vendors."
Chicago trading boutique specialized in options trading
"Since we integrated Opscore in our systems, our VAR numbers look far more reliable. It has increased our confidence to build up the convertible bonds positions."
Risk management of large North-American bank based in NY
"As a heads up, we have a number of new departments interested in using the software we have built with Opscore... I would like to thank you for assisting in making this possible, as a large part of it is due to the excellent responsiveness and knowledge of your team."
CTO of a London based hedge fund with strong Equity Derivatives focus
"For valuing a wide range of derivatives, we needed sophisticated and unique models. We found that the ITO 33 models not only met our needs, but were also very fast and robust."
Chief Risk Officer of a large French asset manager
"The feeling here regarding the ITO 33 product is very positive on all levels, and we have been impressed with the results; moreover, we have been very pleased with the level of service and response, as we have always been presented with intelligent solutions to our problems and queries. Congratulations! "
"It is nice to see the ITO 33 team so quick with their turnaround."
Large Swiss asset manager with a strong emphasis on convertible bonds
"We have been testing different convertible bond models and by far prefer the use of Opscore. We will continue the testing, but will likely be recommending that we purchase yours."
Quant at large Russian bank based in Moscow and London
"Opscore is very useful and is indeed helping us structure and price instruments for our clients."
Capital Markets Originator, Top South African bank, Johannesburg
"Market Risk has checked ITO 33 for all trades, and the conclusions of the tests are positive. Prices of CBs with soft call, hard call, put, cross currency (quanto) have been checked. Convergence of CBO pricer has been checked. Relevance of prices in degenerate cases has been checked. Analysis of sensitivity has been done. All results were satisfactory."
Market Risk Group, First Tier European bank in Hong-Kong
"The implementation of your volatility management framework is now successfully completed. Your outputs are consistently within the bid-ask spread of the market."
Equity Options desk of large Australian bank

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